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Category: Business Case
Date: 2020-01-19
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Author: Yolanda
(2) 0.75M/ 0.5M Ku-band manpack antenna is used for post-disaster recovery after terrible weather.

The Ku-band manpack antennas of CarrySat series have been mainly exported in the past two years, and users are from North America, Europe and Southeast Asia, etc.

One of our most important users from the Philippines began to use the Ku-band manpack terminal of Carrysat series in late 2018, mainly for the following major areas:

(1) 1.2M Ku-band manpack antenna with 2-Watt BUC and LNB of NJRC is used for TV program transmission of local church, and the transmission rate is about 8Mbmps (theoretical calculation).

(2) 0.75M/ 0.5M Ku-band manpack antenna is used for post-disaster recovery after terrible weather. As the Philippines is in the typhoon-stricken region, communication in some areas will be interrupted after severe typhoon weather, so portable satellite terminals are urgently needed to detect the damage caused by severe weather in various areas through satellite communication, and make overall arrangements according to the needed equipment for emergency rescue and disaster relief.

(3) 0.75m / 0.5m Ku-band manpack antenna is used for communication support and security guarantee of assembly venue.

In January 2019, our technicians were invited to carry 0.75M manual manpack antenna and 0.5M automatic manpack antenna to the Philippines for testing. With 2-Watt power amplifier, the uplink rate reached above 4Mbps (0.75M, the upper limit of group network is 4M) and 3.2Mbps (0.5M), and the effect was good.


Figure 1  Customer Test Site in Philippines

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